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How to Measure for Laminate Flooring

3 easy steps…

Determining how to measure for laminate flooring is relatively simple. However, it pays to measure it properly. Follow these basic steps, and then take advantage of the Flooring Calculator on the Formica Flooring website to make sure you order the right amount.

Step 1.

Figure out the square footage of each room where you want to install laminate wood floors. To do so, use a tape measure to determine the length and width. Then multiply the length by the width to get your square footage and add 10%. If it’s 12 feet wide and 12 feet long, you will need enough flooring for 144 square feet (12×12=144).

Step 2.

Add 10% to the square footage to accommodate cuts and waste. (If you’re choosing a tile pattern, make it 20%). This is important since the cuts in the flooring need to be staggered. You’ll definitely want pieces left over to save, just in case. So that’s 144 feet plus 10%, or 14 feet, for 156 square feet.

Step 3.

Check with a retailer to get your order just right; we recommend going through an authorized Formica Flooring dealer. Your measurements will certainly give you a good ballpark estimate when you multiply your square foot needs by the retailer’s price per square foot. But little things can make a difference in the actual calculation. For instance, for installation in rooms larger that 40’ long or 25” wide, a transition piece will be required. A pro will help make sure you have all the accessories you’ll need, from transition strips to underlayment to floor molding.

Want to learn more about installing laminate flooring? Visit our FAQ area on our website for more answers about measuring, prepping and installing laminate wood floors.

Hopefully this helps you determine how to measure for laminate flooring.